Curriculum and Subjects


In Japanese higher educational system, one subject accounts for 2 credits which usually consists of 15 lectures per semester. For the details, please visit the Explanation of Tokyo Tech Credit System. One Tokyo Tech credit is almost equivalent to two ECTS/UCTS credits. For evaluation, tests or report submissions are usually required. At the end of each semester, Tokyo Tech will make a certificate of your academic results and send it to the office of international studies of your university. You can also get the copy of the certificate.

YSEP Research Project

YSEP Research Project is the main feature of this program. This is an individual research project under the guidance of a faculty supervisor. Each student selects a research subject after consulting with the supervisor. Discussion on experimental results as well as theory will be done with the supervisor and other laboratory members. The student should submit a report and make a poster presentation on the research at the end of the program. Please mind that to conduct one research project can be very time and energy consuming, much more than the requirement for 4 credit course. Tokyo Tech is a research oriented university and your experience here will be rewarding in your future career. In the YSEP Research Project, each student will discuss and present his/her progress of research and/or read technical books/papers with the lead of supervisors.

Compulsory subjects for YSEP Students

Topics on Japan I & II, 1 credit per semester

Through this course, students are supposed to deepen their understanding of Japanese society and culture through lectures, discussions and visits to relevant places. They are also expected to present the situation of their own country or on some topics so as to promote mutual understanding. Japanese students will also take this course since this course is a part of undergraduate program.

Study on Japanese Companies and Industries I & II, 2 credits per semester

This course aims to deepen the students understanding of the actual system of Japanese companies and industries through a series of factory study tours and lectures given by scholars and staffs in the related organizations, and former international students working in the Japanese companies.

Specialized Subjects

YSEP students can take any courses from the International Graduate Program and Undergraduate Program of Tokyo Tech. The list of subjects conducted in English can be found in YSEP Syllabi.

Japanese Language Courses

Japanese Language Courses are given at 6 different levels. It takes two quarters (approximately four months) to finish one language level. These courses aim at enhancing daily conversation skills for those who have not studied Japanese. Focus is given to oral communication skills and a basic grammar in Japanese. For more details, please visit Japanese Language Course website.