About YSEP

What is YSEP

Tokyo Institute of Technology (Tokyo Tech) offers YSEP (Young Scientist Exchange Program), which gives you the unique opportunity to experience Research Project under direct guidance of an experienced professor as well as related subjects and Japanese language. We are conducting a half-year (single semester) program in Spring and Autumn. The program is all conducted in English.

Admission Qualifications (When you join YSEP)

At the time of participation, be enrolled at a Tokyo Tech partner university(*1) and
a) have completed at least two and a half years of study in a four-year bachelor’s degree program,
b) have completed at least two years of a three-year bachelor’s degree program, or
c) be in a master’s degree program

Period of Study One Academic Semester (2 quarters)
Spring: March to August
Autumn: September to February
The study period cannot be extended.
Courses Offered in the Program

Compulsory Subjects (6 credits)

  • Research Project (4 credits)
  • Topics on Japan (1 credit)
  • Study on Japanese Companies and Industries (1 credit)
Students can also take other courses at Tokyo Tech for which they are qualified(*2), including Japanese language courses and courses taught in English.
English Language Proficiency (Required document) Official Test Score of TOEFL (iBT, PBT), TOEIC, or IELTS (PDF)
or other official test score which will certify the applicant’s English proficiency and the conversion tables between this test score and TOEFL, TOEIC, or IELTS
Native speakers of English are exempt from this requirement
Scholarship JASSO Scholarship(*3)
 Monthly Stipend: 80,000 yen
Application Deadline(*4) Autumn Semester:  February 28
Spring Semester:  August 20 (of the previous year)
Capacity 25 students per semester
Application Procedures
  1. Contact the Student Exchange Office at your home university. Approval from your home university is required before you proceed to the online application.
  2. Prepare all necessary documents for the application.
  3. Find 3 potential Tokyo Tech professors under whom you are interested in conducting research during your stay.
  4. Apply through our online application system and submit the required application  materials.
Website http://www2.gakumu.titech.ac.jp/ysep/  (program website)
https://form.gsic.titech.ac.jp/ryu/   (YSEP online application system)

1.YSEP participants must have student status at their home university during their period of study at Tokyo Tech. 
2.Undergraduate students, with permission, can take courses from the List of Graduate Courses Available to Undergraduate-Level International Exchange Students, as well as courses from GSEP, our English language-taught bachelor’s degree program. Graduate students can enroll in any courses for which they are qualified. Many courses in our graduate program are provided in English. 
3.JASSO determines awards according to its own criteria. Allocation of JASSO Scholarship funding is limited.
4.All application forms and related documents must be submitted through the YSEP online application system. Only nominated students from Tokyo Tech partner universities are able to use this system. After receiving your nominations, we will send a unique ID and password to each nominated student so they may access the YSEP online application system.

*For your references: The overview of the old YSEP program thet was conducted until AY2019 is here.